Oak Creek Indian Art

Eyedazzler Rugs

Eyedazzler rugs and blankets are among the earliest types of Navajo textiles to be woven with manufactured yarns and synthetic dyes. They are vividly colored and are usually decorated with sharp, angular shapes such as toothed zigzags, triangles, serrates and diamonds. When originally conceived, this design was a dramatic contrast to traditional Navajo styles and reflected the impact of hispanic and anglo influences as well as New Mexican serapes. This style is also referred to as "eye-dazzler" or "Germantown eyedazzler".

Very large Germantown eyedazzler

Very large Germantown eyedazzler

Very large, outstanding museum piece. Exceptional weaver - warp/weft 9/50+ Circa late 1880's - 18... More Details

92" x 57"